replica Panerai 438 full ceramic replica watches

Today brought to you is the VS new product release, Panerai 438 all-ceramic replica watch, this is Panerai's latest all-ceramic fake watches, the color is classic black, continuing the Panerai family's consistent design style. It is loyal to the personality of Panerai and is made with the most advanced technology in the field of watchmaking materials. Next, the replica watch will take everyone to learn more about this replica watch.

If you just look at the meter, 438 and the new ceramic 441 do the same, mainly the difference between the movement and the strap, the 438 is the use of genuine mold opening, size or what, one to one process, width 44mm, this There is nothing to say. The weight of the whole watch is a little more than two hundred grams, which is basically the same as the weight of the original. This weight is much lighter than a steel strap replica watch, which is mainly due to the ceramic strap. The touch texture is delicate, it can prevent light scratches and will not fade, even if it is ground into black particles.

Replica Panerai PAM438 can be said to be a replica watch with very little ceramic strap. It can hardly find the second one! All black ceramics do not fade, and flower resistance is his main feature, because many steel straps are coated with IP black rolex replica, and there will still be discoloration in many years of oxidation, only this paragraph will not change color!

Summary: replica Panerai's full range of watches are mainly belts, and the steel belt version of the replica watches is also very rare, not to mention the PAM438 watch straps are all ceramic replica watches, which is also Panerai full range The only watch in the whole ceramic design. So this 438 is very representative.